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We would like to inform you, that with the objective of publicizing article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, an international network "Global Article 9 Campaign" has posted public notice on August 15, 2005 in 12 different newspapers around the world.

Public Notices in 12 newspapers !!!

On August 15 2005 - the 60th Anniversary of the end of World War II, a day that signifies liberation from Japanese colonialism for millions of Asian people - we put public notices in 12 newspapers of the world, with the objective of promoting Article 9 of Japanese Constitution! Please click to see larger one.

<Japan-Asahi Shimbun>

<Taiwan-China Times>

<Costa Rica-La Nacion>

<Philippines- The Inquirer>
<Mongolia-Mongolian Daily, UB Post>
<Russia-Vladivostok, Work>

<Morocco-Anna Har>

<Korea- ohmyNews>

<Korea- Han Kyo Reh>

<Russia- TPYA>

(This article was reprinted from the Home page of "Global Article 9 Campaign".(http://www.article-9.org)

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