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Essay and Opinion

Song of Nine

June 2004

Yoshinobu Uno
(Member of New English Teachers Association)(Committee member of Koka Internationnal Society)

Nine children were playing baseball
Nine trees are giving a cheering call.
One young man is now missing
The trees are still swaying

Nine students were studying in the classroom
Nine flowers at the window were in bloom.
Two students are now missing
The flowers are again opening.

Nine young people were in the dance
Bright lights were in elegance
Three men are now missing
The lights are still brightening

Nine workers were working in the factory
Breeze from the windows was consolatory
Four workers are now missing
The breeze is still blowing.

Nine women around the well were having a chat.
Beside the well there was a cat.
Five women are now missing
The cat is still mewing

Nine farmers were harvesting in the field
The leaves on the trees were shown in red and gold
Six farmers are now missing
The leaves are again shining

Nine salesman were selling fish and meat.
The air was fresh and sweet
Seven salesmen are now missing
The air is still softly moving

Nine people were in the family
The sun was shining on them brightly
Eight people are dead by the bombing
An old man is left embarrassing

We love nine
We love the Article Nine
It's in the Japanese Constitution
Each of us is a piece of the world
Let's put the pieces together and make world peace